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WoMen's Physical Therapy Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

"Do you take my insurance?"
We work with all insurance carriers. Prior to your first visit, we will ask you to provide us with your insurance information. As a service our staff will contact your insurance carrier to verify your benefits- in, as well as out of network coverage. At or prior to your first visit we will inform you what your physical therapy benefits are.

"How does a physical therapist treat incontinence and its related conditions?"
Our specialty-trained physical therapists assess and treat the pelvic floor musculature. The pelvic floor can be tight, weak and/or uncoordinated. Our therapists instruct patients in the use of exercises to relax or strengthen the pelvic floor musculature, diet restrictions, changing habits and re-training the bladder. Biofeedback, a non-invasive treatment, may also be utilized. Many of these conditions also have a musculoskeletal component.

How does the treatment for pain differ from the treatment for incontinence?
As with the treatment for incontinence, the pelvic floor and related musculature is evaluated for tension, strength and coordination. Most often with pelvic pain the pelvic floor needs to be relaxed first. Biofeedback can also be utilized to assist with this awareness. Inter-vaginal or inter-rectal release of the tissues may be required. Home stretching and other pain management techniques are prescribed.

"What makes your office different?"
We exceed industry norms as it relates to service. We provide one-hour treatments in a private treatment room. All treatments are provided by a licensed physical therapist – we do not have PT assistants or PT aides, very unusual in this industry. Additionally, our therapists have 10-30+ years of experience. The staff at WoMen's Physical Therapy Institute are passionate about providing outstanding rehabilitation services and superior customer service.

"Do you treat men?"
Don't let our name confuse you - we treat men and children too! When WoMen's Physical Therapy Institute was first founded in 2000, our therapists treated only women for pelvic floor dysfunction. Since that time, the practice has expanded to offer specialized treatment programs for pelvic dysfunction and orthopedic conditions in men, women and children.

“Why do I hurt?”
Pain is a protective response, wonderfully designed to allow your mind to protect you from danger.  One of the best questions to ask is what is it that feels dangerous about the movement or activity that is triggering your pain?  And is it really dangerous?  Sometimes, it seems that we get stuck in a protective mode long after the initial injury or surgery has healed.  The pain is real, and we can help you to train your body and your mind to return to movement without triggering those protective patterns - it's like flying under the radar - moving without setting off alarms.

“How long will it take to feel better?”
This is an excellent question.  Each person is different.  You are more than a single diagnosis, and your pain or your limitation is a combination of this injury/surgery/event and the rest of your life.  There are normal healing times for bones, and for tissue after injury.  Sometimes it takes longer and there aren't easy answers.  There are many reasons to not give up, and to keep doing just a little more each day toward regaining your normal life! 

“What can I do for myself?”
We all need to get good motion and flexibility, and work on that daily.  The point of therapy is to help you to learn what you can do, specifically,  to keep yourself moving with the most ease and grace possible, to return to your normal activities with minimal limitation, and to stay active!  You will be taught stretches, specific exercises, self-treatment techniques for calming any protective responses and how to know when you may need a little extra help.